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Holyrood Mennonite Church

Office: 9505 - 79 Street 466-3277 office@holyrood.mennonitechurch.ab.ca

Senior Pastor:

Werner De Jong






Speaker: Pastor Werner

Worship Leader: Ike

Music: Joyce

Greeters: Grace, Doreen

Ushers: Garth, Brock

December 22, 2019

Welcome to Holyrood Mennonite Church

Sunday School ~ 9:30 am

Worship Service ~ 10:30 am


     Musical Prelude

     Welcome & Announcements

     Call to Worship

One: Oh God, my God, I cry out to you.

Many: Asking, will I be saved to your goodness, forgiven of the brokenness I have made, certain that I am called to you?

One: Will I follow the child you sent to lead me? Will I no longer be afraid, but be restored?

All: God, what am I waiting for?

     Opening Prayer

Restore us, O Lord, and may we live in the presence of your love and your belonging. Let your light shine in and through us. May each of us heed your call to belong in you through Jesus Christ - bold, grace-filled, and in full awareness of who you are: God with us!


     Songs: HWB #210 - Good Christian friends, rejoice

HWB #318 - Joy to the World

HWB #194 - Away in a manger

     Responsive Reading: (from Psalm 80)

Leader: Stir up your might, and come and save us!

People: Restore us, O Lord God of hosts; let your face shine, that we may be saved.

Leader: Let your hand be upon us and make us strong.

People: Restore us, O Lord God of hosts; let your face shine, that we may be saved.

Leader: Give us life, and we will call on your name.

All: Restore us, O Lord God of hosts; let your face shine, that we may be saved.



     Children’s Feature: Joyce

     Share & Prayer

Song: HWB #197 - Angels we have heard on high

     Scripture Reading: Isaiah 7:10-16, Matt 1:18-25 (Page 721, 1007) ~ Edward

     Meditation: “Worth the Wait” ~ Pastor Werner



God, we tire of waiting. We tire of scandal. We tire of bad news. We tire of requests for time, money, and soul. We tire of these because we frequently consider ourselves more righteous than we ought. Forgive us our stingy impatience, and grant us your generous Spirit. (Silence) Restore us, O Lord God of hosts. Let your face shine, that we may be saved.

     Silent Prayer

     Song: HWB #191 - O Little town of Bethlehem

     Benediction (read in unison):

May we find the strength and courage to look around, observe what God has done and is doing, and enter fully into the reality of God with us. May we surrender to our God, embracing the One to whom we are called to belong.



  • Food Bank: CLOSED
  • Christmas Eve Service: Tuesday (24th) at 6:30 pm. All are welcome to our annual Christmas Eve service!
  • New Year’s Eve Service: There will be a New Year’s Eve service from 9 pm - 12 am. More details will be announced. Plan to join us!
  • Faith Exploration Class: Anyone who is considering baptism is invited to a faith exploration class, led by Pastor Werner, which will begin sometime in the new year. Please let Pastor Werner know if you would like to be part of the class.
  • Christmas Giving: This year we are collecting items for the Bissell Centre as our annual Christmas giving project. We request warm socks, thermal underwear, and warm gloves, which can be placed in our basket. The items can be new or gently used.


  • Please pray for Eunice, who had to go into the hospital.
  • Pray for the numbness in Helena’s hand to be healed.
  • Praise that Jean-Felix and Charlotte are now permanent residents. Please pray for them as they continue in the process to bring their 26 family members, who are all refugees, to Canada.
  • Pray for Zach and Dorathy, as they are temporarily displaced during renovations due to a kitchen fire.
  • Pray for Devin’s auntie, as she received stitches from a fall.
  • Pray for Ann’s neighbour, who has cancer.
  • Please continue to remember and pray for our members who are no longer able to regularly attend church: Ray and Ginnie Brubaker, George Varghese.
  • Pray for MCN as they search for a new Executive Director.
  • Please pray for MCCA as they navigate finding a new Executive Director. Pray for Thomas Coldwell as he resigned from this position, and for Rob Enns, as he is the acting director at this time.
  • It is very sad news to announce the death of Kang Simon Hoth Beal, son of Pastor Simon Hoth Beal of the South Sudanese Mennonite Church in Gambella, Ethiopia and Refugees Camps. The cause of his sudden death is unknown. Signs of sickness, such as fever, were not prevalent prior to his passing on December 10, 2019. Please pray for the comfort of Pastor Simon Hoth Beal’s family.


  • MCC Christmas Giving - Give a gift that is a meaningful expression of God's love! Gifts of food, water, hope, peace and education. Purchase online at mccab.ca/christmas, in person at Ten Thousand Villages or the MCC office, or call 1-888-622-6337.
  • The Great Winter Warm-Up - One day. Multiple locations. Thousands of stitches of hope and warmth. Help us touch the lives of people in need while celebrating MCC’s 100th anniversary. On January 18, 2020 we’re hoping to collect 6500 comforters to deliver to people affected by conflict and disaster around the world. Visit https://mcccanada.ca/centennial/great-winter-warm-up for more details or to find an event near you. If there isn’t one near you, why not host one? Please contact Linda at 403-275-6935 or lindadickinson@mccab.ca.
  • MCA - CommonWord.ca has curated book and curriculum resources for Year 1 - "Encountering, Embracing, Embodying Christ in Life." Check out the link. www.commonword.ca/go/1879
  • Snowcamp is coming January 10 - 12, 2020 ! Youth in grades 7-12 are invited to join us for a weekend of food, fellowship, and broomball on January 10-12. Registration forms are available in your church or by visiting campvalaqua.com. Have questions? Contact the Valaqua office at valaqua@xplornet.com.
  • MCA Year-end donations: As you plan your year-end giving, please keep Mennonite Church Alberta in mind. Please consider a donation to the following areas of need: Camp Valaqua ($22K), International Witness ($7K), North Edmonton Ministry ($15K), or General MCA ministry & programming ($60K).


  • Speaker: Stewart Combs
  • Worship Leader: Thomas
  • Music: Gordon’s Team
  • Children’s Feature: Werner
  • Scripture Reader:
  • Greeters: Ann, Helena
  • Ushers: Brock, Antoinette
  • Food Bank (31st): CLOSED

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