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When We Fail

At Holyrood we aim for right relations with God, with each other, and with the world around us though we sometimes stumble.   We regard meeting together as a community of faith for worship and social events to be essential for maintaining relationship with our Maker, and with each other.  While the Sunday morning gatherings are called "worship" they are also planned for nurture and encouragement lest we fail in the "spiritual worship" of our lives between Sundays (Romans 12:1,2).

Mutual support during tough times, and mutual accountability when we stumble, are nurturing values at Holyrood to safeguard against personal failure.  Ideally, the practice of these values flows from mutual respect, and recognition that "in Christ we are one body" with each member's distinctive "gifts" contributing to the well being of the body (Romans 12:3-8).

When we fail in our relations to the world around us, including the environment, we fail ourselves.  We then become ingrown, insensitive, and lose sight of the stewardship entrusted to us by our Maker to care for the earth and each other.  We also miss out on the enrichment that comes from reaching out to others who may be suffering from discouragement, illness, or need of material support.  Leadership at Holyrood has helped to keep us aware of current needs and attending opportunities.

We strive for right relations with all and yet we know that we often fail as individuals and as a church.  It is only by the grace and forgiveness of God that we are still a people of God.  And so we are a work in progress, perfection in the making, as we walk humbly, yet confidently with the Lord our God.